Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the coach is accredited?

In order for a coach to be credible he must abide by professional codes and ethics, they should have undergone training with a recognized institution and be a member of, or accredited by, an association or professional body. This ensures the coaching is carried out safely by someone who has received formal training and on-going development in their field. All this can be evidenced on request.

How does a typical coaching session look like?

On the first session a review of your questionnaire and pre-coaching pack is done and an understanding of what the issues are and what you want is built. Questions you may have are answered before we move onto ways to create the change.

In most sessions generally, time is spent reviewing the last session and any tasks that you have been doing, before moving on. This is done conversationally and using tools and techniques that will guide you through. Towards the end, a review of the session is done and agreement made on tasks and exercises with new choices, actions and behaviours that have been acquired.

How is the referral process?

Gobisa clients come through many different routes. Self-referrals are welcome as this is the first proactive step towards empowering your own future. Past clients who have experienced our coaching also do make referrals.

How many sessions are required?

This depends on the client, especially on the reason for life coaching. Some issues are more complex than others and therefore call for more time to the resolution thereof. Everybody is unique and will make changes at their own pace. When you are 100% committed and engaged in your life, transformation, work, tasks and challenges set together with the coach, the results are realised quite fast.

Many people that are having coaching for goals and life transformation benefit from a more long-term relationship with sessions further apart. For more specific isolated problems, most clients resolve their issues in anything between one to six sessions.

During your first consultation, assessment of the client’s needs are made and a tailored program is suggested program.

How credible are tools used?

The tools and methods used are safe, widely used in medical and professional environments and have a reputation for producing quick results.  You can be confident on the provision of a professional, safe service with your interest at heart. By uniquely tailoring the sessions for you and your outcomes, you are ensured of an outcome suited for you. The only thing asked of you in return is your full commitment to the process aimed at creating change within yourself and obtaining positive long term results.

How is Gobisa coaching different from family and friends’ advice?

The methods used are proven and specifically devised to quickly and effectively resolve your issues and assist you in achieving your goals. The support and motivation you get from a coach far exceeds what we could normally achieve on our own in the same time.