Benefits of Life Coaching

  • Dedicated time, support, motivation and encouragement

100% dedicated time offered to you with undivided attention to achieve your goal and long held dream. A Gobisa Life Coach will give you this dedicated time; we support you, help motivate you along the way and celebrate successes with you. Here you have a friend to talk about a nagging and life impeding problem you present and the sole aim of coaching is supporting you to get to the resolution of the problem and attainment of your goal.


  • Clarification of what you want, why you want it and how modify the want where necessary and how to get it.


Many a times, you know exactly what you want but get held up on life issues that hamper you in getting started with your journey to getting it. In the process, this results in a bit of unhappiness with yourself whose cause may be unidentified. The Gobisa Life Coach will help you understand that happiness is not in your circumstances but in yourself and in who you are. The benefit you will get through Life Coaching in the help you get to set goals you really want to achieve, distinguishing between what you can do, should do, ought to do and really want to do. Your Gobisa Life Coach works with you to create a step by step plan – a dynamic, workable plan enabling you to achieve your goal and dream/s.


  • Overcoming obstacles, low confidence and insecurities


As nature would have it, you sometimes and more often than not, have thoughts and opinions about your abilities, the little voice in you will often tell you what you can’t do, why you can’t do it, and in the worst case scenario if you tried – these become what we call ‘limiting beliefs’ and they stop you moving forward. They are thoughts we have about ourselves that are very often based on no particular fact. They are built up over time from what we are told during childhood, schooling and adult life. We often inherit limiting beliefs from family, friends, teachers and our peers.

Your limiting beliefs can give you low confidence and insecurities and often become obstacles to achieving what you physically can achieve. Life Coaching will help uncover these beliefs and through determination and time you can overcome them. Your coach will help you with strategies and techniques to use to change your thoughts into more positive ones that will enable you to move forward.


  • Strategies and techniques aimed at assisting you to reach your goal faster


We have many tools and techniques to quickly draw out the way forward for you. Through coaching you will discover more options than you thought were possible. Insightful and challenging questions are put forth to help you decide which path is the right one. Having decided on what actions you need to take, the coach will ensure that you are 100% committed to achieving them, and help you deal with any barriers on the way.


  • Bridgingthe gap between where you are now and where you want to be


Many of us decry some loss which may emanate from time wasted in a lack of direction or procrastination and fear the corrosive effects of such loss if left unchecked. At the heart of the issue is an oft-discussed anomaly: while you aspire for very lofty ideals in life, you find yourselves having to deal with a lot of “pebbles in your shoe” that make the journey longer or endless in finally reaching the envisaged goal. It is time you stopped accepting the status quo as the Life Coach is there to bridge the gap between your lofty ideals and the position you find yourself in. To accomplish that, a conscious and radical rethink of your role in nurturing the rut you find yourself in and letting the Life Coach assist in identifying the pebbles and in a step by step fashion, close the hindering gap.



  • Use the Life Coach to invest in yourself


Life Coaching is an investment in your future happiness; the investment is synonymous to a monetary life savings in a bank reserved for later use when the money wells run dry for one reason or another. Life Coaching equips you with tools and techniques that you can use again and again over a life time.

Remember; Life Coaching is an investment in you and it will benefit your entire life.


  • Explore and evaluate all available possible options


When you create an ideal goal – something you really want – you are more likely to take action to achieve it. A Life Coach works with you in exploring different and varying options to create a step by step plan – a dynamic, workable plan enabling you to achieve your dreams.